Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Richard and Emily's Adoption Blog

Today's post is near and dear to my heart and a little different from the other blogs I've been featuring recently in the Favorite Blogs Tour.  I've mentioned quite a few times that our oldest two children are adopted.  As any family hoping to adopt will tell you, it can be a long and stressful wait...and you never know when or how the right birth mother will find your family.

So I'm excited for you to meet Richard and Emily.  I haven't gotten to meet them personally, but they're very dear friends of my sister, and I'm happy to help them get the word out that they're hoping to complete their family through adoption.  Please pass their information on to anyone you may know considering placing a baby for adoption...

Hello!  We are Richard and Emily!   
We love hiking, the beach, making homemade pizza together, doing crazy things, 
and our adorable puppy, Carly!  
We're high school sweethearts and our favorite things include:  chocolate (Emily), steak (Richard), hanging out with friends and family, having junk food movie nights together, and playing games.  
Emily teaches kindergarten to a bunch of adorable five year olds and Richard is finishing up a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and loves helping people. 
We have been married for five years and we love being together.
But we're missing someone.  We're missing our sweet little baby.  
After two years of marriage we found out that we couldn't have babies on our own.  
We were given a few options but our hearts were immediately drawn to adoption.  
We don't just want a baby.  We want our baby.  And we know that our baby will come through adoption. 
We know Heavenly Father has led our hearts and our minds towards adoption for a reason. 
We know our sweet baby will come to us through adoption.  
And we couldn't be more excited to find him or her! 
Please visit our adoption blog at:  
You can view our adoption video HERE.  
You can find our adoption profile HERE
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at: Thanks for having us on your awesome blog Polly!  

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  1. I think it is wonderful that you are turning to adoption! I recently went through adoption and I could not be more in love with my little girl. May I suggest a great website, , that offers a lot of great information about dealing with adoption issues. It was really helpful for me so I hope you find it helpful too. Good luck finding your new little one!


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