Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tidbits: Favorite Blogs Tour

I'm so excited for the first day of our Favorite Bloggers Tour.  I just discovered Cami from Tidbits a couple months ago. I stumbled on one of her projects via a linky party, and spent an hour or so browsing her blog because so many of her projects that popped up looked like things I would loved to try. And besides having such fun ideas, her photography skills are amazing whether she's photographing projects or people.  I was really excited when she agreed to be part of our tour. 

Congrats to Polly and her family for that sweet little bundle! 

 I'm Cami from Tidbits.  I have 3 girls, so I just drool over those little baby boys. 

 I'm happy to fill a spot on her blog while she relaxes and enjoys her new addition. Polly is always such a nice commenter on my blog and I'm happy to spend some time over on hers. 

 I thought I would show you 5 of my posts that seem to always stay on the top of the stats, and then 5 of my posts that have been the most enjoyable to me. Hopefully between the 2 you will find something worth your while to look at. 

It's been great to be over here!  Come stop by Tidbits - I'd love to have you!
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  1. What fun! I love seeing bloggers' favorite posts. Headed over to check Tidbits out :)

  2. I love that art smock and I really really want to eat that pie!!! great post, Tidbits looks like and awesome blog, I started following it!


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