Friday, April 6, 2012

Easy Book Cake

Our Sweet Becca turned 3 last week!  She requested an orange Ms. Frizzle Book Cake for the big day.

As my sister said, "A request like that is what you get for not raising your kids on Disney Princesses."
But seriously, what book-loving parent can refuse a request for a book cake.

So I baked a rectangular cake, wrapped some marshmallow fondant around it, frosted the three open sides, and scanned and printed out the picture from the cover of her favorite Magic School Bus book and laid it on top.  That's right...I'm no cake decorating purist.  I don't insist on everything being edible.

Anyway, she was thrilled with the cake.

And the fondant was easy enough to make that I just might attempt it again.  (This was my first time.)

And as an added little side note...when she went with Daddy to the store earlier in the day, they ran into some of his high school students.  One of them looked a Becca in the Sweetie Pi shirt she's wearing and said, "Doc, it figures that you'd put your kid in a shirt like that."

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  1. I'd take Ms. Frizzle over Disney princesses any day!


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