Monday, April 9, 2012

Just Lu: Favorite Blogs Tour

Hello, friends of Helping Little Hands! I am so happy to be here today to give Polly a bit of time to breathe and enjoy the newness of a new baby and a new house. :)
I am just Lu
I am Lorene, or Lu, and I blog over at just Lu. I am married to an amazing man and mom to two adorable little things. I've been blogging since early 2010, but I'm not very good at sticking to just one topic. I blog about all of the good things in my life, from crafting to food to books and more! Since my daughter was born in August, I haven't been blogging as regularly, but I still love sharing the things that are meaningful in my life, so feel free to come over and say hello!
One of my favorite things that I've done on my blog was the Housewife MacGyver series that I hosted last year. Thanks to many, many amazing guests (including Polly!), we had a year of becoming more self-reliant in many different areas, such as financially, domestically, around the house, and spiritually and emotionally. You can get more details and see all of the posts here. On the more crafty and creative side, I dabble in a little bit of everything.... My all-time favorite project (so far, anyway ;), as well as my most popular post, is my Beach Rock Souvenir Collage.
On top of being fairly easy (despite my tendency to complicate things :), the project was inexpensive, brings back sweet memories of a favorite vacation, and is a beautiful addition to my home -- the trifecta of any craft! (If you decide to create one of your own, I suggest you just glue the string for the word(s), not follow my crazy convoluted method...:)
The Felt Game Board is another favorite and popular project, that, for better or for worse, illustrates my tendency to complicate things, but still end up with an awesome end product... It's not the quickest of projects, but it is still one of my favorite and most popular posts. Get the tutorial here for this inexpensive, double-sided portable game board, featuring tic tac toe and checkers. For the younger set (and a simpler construction), see the felt activity board tutorial
If you have a birthday party coming up and want some simple, non-character dominated hats, check out my Fabric Party Hat tutorial. I provide a template for a young child's hat, and the instructions for creating your own template to fit any size party-goer. A few of my other favorite DIY projects (because I am indecisive like that :) include (from left to right):
An Elephant's Welcome (cardboard sign) Quilled (curled paper) Monograms  Rock n' Roll guitar pick and stamped washer earrings  The Dahlia Top Harley Davidson T-Shirt Quilt The Daddy Diaper Pail  Paper Bag Brag Books  Pink or Blue: button jewelry set
I'd love to have you stop by! Thanks for having me, Polly -- and enjoy all of the exciting and new things in your life!
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