Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pen Pals and Picture Books: Favorite Blogs Tour

Pen Pals and Picture Books is a blog I only discovered in the last month or so, but they have such great ideas for kids and books, you'll want to check them out.

Hi!  We are Robyn and Whitney.  You'll usually find us jabbering about children's books (etc) over at Pen Pals and Picture Books Monday-Friday.  Today we're very happy to be Polly's guests (thank you so much for letting us be here!) and also a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Polly and her entire family.  There's nothing more wonderful and miraculous than the arrival of a new little one into a loving family.... enjoy!
Now about PP and PB.  We are book crazy.  We collect, read, drool over, laugh at and often plan activities around our favorite children's books.  We'd LOVE to have you come stop by sometime soon and see what we're all about.  Without further ado we'd like to share a few teasers from our site...
Using the book As the Crow Flies (which is a great introductory to maps book) I collaborated with my son to create a couple of maps seen here.  Simple activity, hours of play.  -Robyn

Activities inspired by Jan Brett's The Mitten.  Here you'll find a sewing lesson for children and taking a favorite book, then turning it into a play!  So much fun!  -Robyn

Here we have a little color mixing fun ala Mouse Paint and the lovely little hands of my four year old.  Plus! This post has painting tips to make it more managable for mama! Fun, easy, I'm in! -Whitney

Things that Go?  Yes please!  In conjunction with Mo Willems beloved Pigeon (Don't let Pigeon Drive the Bus & Pigeon Loves Things That Go) we experimented with art that 'goes'.  -Robyn

These food faces were a tasty and HUGE hit at my house!  They are book inspired too, of course. And the secret ingredient? It's fun! -Whitney

This activity created a whole lotta fun at my house! (And, after we'd tried it out together, my kids played with it on their own.  They even took turns-- and it was without quarreling! Amazing, right?)  All thanks to Jan Brett and an empty box  -Whitney

There you have it, a small taste of what goes on over at our site.  We'd more than LOVE to have you come for a visit and browse a while.  Thanks again to Polly, and give that new baby an extra hug and kiss from us!
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  1. Polly! thank you so much for letting us join in on this fun blog tour you've hosted. I've loved reading about other blogs that you enjoy which are new to me! wonderful wonderful wonderful! thanks again :)


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