Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Busy, Busy...

I know...It seems like I've dropped off the face of the planet.  Life is good.  I probably won't get back to posting every day like I was...but I'm hoping to get back to posting a couple times a week...but not yet.  (And if you've emailed me or left a nice comment...I've been really slow at responding...sorry.)

We'd hoped to be moved into our new house the first week of April...but that didn't happen.  We DID move our FIRST few boxes of things over to the new house today though, and we'll be moving most of our stuff in this weekend.

We were too cheap to pay the building company to have nice shelving put in the closets, so Eric and I will be starting on closet shelves tomorrow.  Wish us luck...

I should have nice pictures of our finished house to show you...but I don' here are a few other pictures of what we've been up to...

Anson is his church outfit.  The onesie has a tie appliqued on with old T-shirt fabric.  The pants are made out of an old T-shirt too...and I'm hoping to get the pattern posted soon.

Seth reading to Rebecca...he is SOOO looking forward to kindergarten next year.
The weather is finally getting warm enough that the kids spend a lot of time outside.  Becca has learned to ride her small task since the pedals only work about half the time.  She also likes it when Seth gives her rides.  We got this tricycle years ago for Katie for $4 at a garage sale, and it has had some serious miles put on it over the years.  It's time to buy a new one...I just keep hoping that one will show up at a garage sale or something.  We may just have to spring for a new one soon.
All of the kids are still in love with Anson and always wanting to hold him.
Seth found his own way to keep Anson happy...pushing him around in his bed/cradle.  (By the way...we were given this for a shower gift.  It has been AWESOME.  It was the perfect height for when I was recovering from the c-section to not have to bed over too much...and not have to bend over the side of a crib.  It keeps the baby tipped up a bit to help with spit-up.)

We also get plenty of wind and tumbleweed in these parts...this was a particularly impressive one...
And a nice visit from Nana and Granddad...

And just another cute baby picture...because you just can't get enough of a cute baby...

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  1. I love the appliqued tie! So cute! It looks like you guys are busy! I am excited for you and your new house!

  2. He is just TOO cute in that tie picture!

  3. Oh my GOODNESS! Adorable kids, as always. Good luck with moving and settling and all!

  4. I've been wondering when you'd be back! I'm sure you'll be EXTREEMLY busy for quite a while :) such a handsome little boy & adorable kids, good luck with your closets!


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