Friday, April 27, 2012

Love and Lollipops: Favorite Blogs Tour

This is the last (but definitely not least) of the blogs from our Favorite Bloggers Tour.  I've used several of Georgia's projects as inspiration for things I've made for my kids.  You're going to love her!

Hi there Helping Little Hands readers - It's really great to be here guest blogging today.
I thought I would share some of my favourite posts of the past two years of blogging with you. (I can't believe it's been two years!)
I don't sew (really), but after being so inspired by ideas I saw around the net, I gave some small felt toys a try. I made this very hungry caterpillar
to go with the book as a Christmas gift for one of my nephews.
This colour car mat was part of a Colour Fun series I did and it thrilled me to hear friends say that they had recreated it for their little ones.
Squeezy pictures are one of my older son's favourite art activities and are great for strengthening those finger muscles too. I took his squeezy art creations and turned them into these pretty cards.
Our pot scourer creations were also great fun to make.
I love how something as simple as an orange can lead to so many learning opportunity's and lots of playful fun.
chocolate bar wrapped up like a school bus made for a fun teacher gift at the end of the school year. 
I never would have thought that this  no-sew caterpillar and butterfly  would have been so popular with my readers.  

And lastly, a skeleton made from your name...can you spot the name?
Thanks so much Polly for giving me the opportunity to share some of the fun we get up to over at Love and Lollipops. It's been great to be here :).


  1. Thank you Polly!! It really is so special to see myself over here :):)

    Hope you have a very happy week!

  2. That skeleton is fantastic! I love Georgia's site, it's fun to see her here :)


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