Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Teacher Appreciation Week totally snuck up on me this year.  Last year I relied on the blogging world to remind me it was coming up, but I haven't been keeping up on reading blogs much lately.  I'm not sure what I'll do this year...probably have Katie write her teachers a note of her own and help her bake some cookies or a loaf of bread to deliver along with it.

I thought I'd link to some of my favorite teacher gifts from last year.  You can see all my teacher gift ideas here (scroll down to get past the Christmas ones).

I think the all-time BEST teacher gift is a heart felt letter.  You can see my tips for one here.

My daughter's teachers also loved the signed mat art we made last year.  You could put anything inside from a class picture to a nice quote or student artwork as well.  I arranged with the computer teacher to go in during computers and have all the students in the class sign the mat.

I recently did a guest post for Or So She Says on the topic of teacher gifts...and was so busy with the move that I forgot to post about it here.  If you'd like to see that post you can go here.

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  1. i'm actually finishing up teacher gifts right now! lol. can i ask.. how do you link to so many parties at once? there must be an easier way than what i do.. which is type in each one every time. thanks.

  2. Love the signed mat art you did last year! Super cute :)


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