Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hello, Harvest Moon - Children's book

This is our moon tonight.  I'm not sure how much it's been on the news in other places, but there have been forest fires in central Washington that have been burning for weeks and are likely to keep burning until the snow comes.  We're over an hour away from them, but it's still made for lots of smokey mornings and hazey afternoons...and some beautiful sunsets and moons.

I couldn't help but try to take some pictures of our harvest moon.  This is the best shot I got.  (I love my camera, but it does have a weak spot when it comes to zoom.)  It really doesn't do justice to the sky tonight.  It's a beautiful full, orange moon.

Katie and I had a fun time playing with some of the camera settings while I tried to get a decent picture.  That's her dancing...

And that blue blur is Katie running across the street...
Now that I know how to set my camera to an 8 second exposure, we're going to have fun taking pictures of sparklers next July 4th.

And if you're into children's books, you want to find this book at your local library.  Hello, Harvest Moon by Ralph Fletcher.  Even though tonight is this years true harvest moon, the moon will be nearly full for several nights...and it will be full again just before Halloween.  I loved how it sneaked a little science in with the cozy fall story about the harvest moon.

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  1. We have a big moon, too, but it's not as orange as yours. And your camera is WAY cooler than mine. :)

  2. We read "Hello, Harvest Moon" this past week too. It is a wonderful book. Happy Harvest to your family!

  3. my library doesn't have it! I just checked, darn. I'll see if my sis can borrow a copy from hers- our moon was very similar that night, just gorgeous!

  4. What a fun book and a great picture of the harvest moon.

  5. What a wonderful book! I missed the moon on Sunday!

    Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn. I will be sharing this post on Read.Explore.Learn's Facebook page on Saturday afternoon.


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