Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Big Dipper/Little Dipper - Father/Son Constellation Costumes

A month or so ago, we were discussing what Halloween costumes would be.  Since Eric is the high school chemistry and physics teacher, we thought something science themed would be fun.  The older kids weren't interested in coordinating.  (For some reason Cinderella, a Vampire Bat, and the Spiderman sounded more attractive to them than Orion, Leo, and Pleaides...go figure.)  Anson was willing to coordinate with Daddy, though...and so we have the Big and Little Dippers

After seeing how theirs turned out, I think I may join them and be Cassiopeia.  We'll see.

I tried to orient them, so that the stars in the Big Dipper point to the North Star in the Little Dipper when Eric is holding Anson.

It kinda worked.
Even if they don't line up exactly when they're together, I love how they turned out seperately.

Anson wants to stand up on his own so bad, it's not even funny.  Here he's leaning up against the wall just a tad to stay up...for about 2 seconds.

We had these planned before I'd seen Boutique Academia's Constellation Necklaces.  We'd planned to use the typical 5 pointed star shape for the stars in the constellation, but once I saw Maile's Necklaces, I loved the effect of the four pointed stars so much, that I imitated those.

I lucked out and found the sweatshirt for Dad and turtleneck for Anson at a local resale shop for a total of $1.25.  Halloween is usually pretty cold here, so whenever possible, we try for warm costumes.  Anson's is big enough that we can bundle him up and put his shirt on over the bundling.

I cut four pointed stars in several sizes out of freezer paper.  Then I layed them out using a printed star chart and Boutique Academia's Big Dipper Necklace.  I ironed them right there on the floor.  I wanted to add a few of the surrounding stars, so I went here to make the star chart.  (Our basic star chart we use for stargazing at home only has the constellations...not the surrounding stars.)  You can click here to download the printable four pointed stars and click here to download the printable star chart I used.

I did two coats of white fabric paint followed by two coats of glow-in-the-dark paint on the four pointed stars.  I did the other stars by dipping the back end of a paintbrush in paint and dabbing it on.  I used two sizes, one for brighter stars and one for smaller stars.

Don't look too close if you're an accomplished astronomer because I did this quickly, but it's close...and the baby is cute.

I really like the combined effect of the four pointed stars and the dots.  Thanks for the inspiration, Maile!

And if you love astronomy enough to consider dressing as a constellation for Halloween, you'll definitely want to enter the Boutique Academia giveaway for your choice of constellation necklaces (open until midnight Oct. 20, 2012).  There are three easy ways to enter.

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  1. Oh my heck! I love these! What a creative and easy costume. Good job, Polly!

  2. These are so darling. I love the way the Big Dipper and Little Dipper line up. Anson is such a doll. Will he really be walking in a month or so????

  3. Anson is adorable! And such a nice easy costume :) Lily is still figuring out how to crawl properly haha.

  4. I have to agree. Totally adorable models and costumes! :)

  5. My husband takes my 3 yr old daughter outside every night before bed to look at the big dipper and she loves it!! I had to click your link...what adorable and creative father/son costumes! Have fun!!

  6. Oh. my. goodness. What a clever costume idea!! Loving it! Would you consider sharing it here; my readers would enjoy it too!

  7. SO very cute! Love it all! Love the creativity! I hope you will share this on The CSI Project this week starting Wednesday night. The challenge is DIY Halloween Costumes. Come on over! You just might win!!!

  8. So cute! And, your little guy is a doll! Thanks for sharing with us at 'Or so she says...'! The newest party starts tomorrow (every Saturday). I would love to have you back. :)


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