Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Mole Day!

Yep, today's Mole Day.  A "mole" is a number like a "dozen" is a number, but instead of being a number like 12, a mole=602200000000000000000000 or 6.022x10^23.  You take that 10^23 part and turn it into 10-23 or October 23rd.  A mole is an important number in chemistry, so the last two years we've made a special treat for my husband's science classes to celebrate Mole Day. 

The first year we made an entire periodic table out of sugar cookies.

The second year, we made the periodic table out of graham crackers.

Alas, this year, we just had too much going on.  Hopefully we'll do it again next year.  Are you doing anything special for Mole Day?

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  1. I love the periodic table sugar cookies! Such a great idea for my future classroom!

  2. Dear Polly,

    Excellent question - I'm so glad you asked! Your quilt sounds as if it is going to be very nice, but hospital policy forbids us to accept items made from even "very gently used" fabric. That means no sheets, dresses, tablecloths, etc., too. So the answer is "No," it doesn't count as "new." However, I am sure another recipient will enjoy it very much!

    We are sometimes given beautiful, new fabric, so if you want to sew for our guild, but don't have the means to buy new fabric, perhaps we can coordinate a transfer of material to you. Feel free to contact me about this, and thank you for asking such an important question!


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