Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My New Favorite Fabric Shop...Sisters and Quilters

Love it when pretties like this show up in my mailbox...

I haven't really been one to pay much attention to designer fabrics.    In the past when I've needed fabric, I usually head to one of the big chain fabric stores with coupons in hand when they have a sale.  The closest big fabric store is an hour and a half away, though...and lately their prices have been going up, so I've been looking online for fabric more and more.

I've had  my eye on the Riley Blake Tuxedo line for a while now and decided to see which shops had it.  That's when I discovered Sisters and Quilters.  Not only did they have the tuxedo line fabric I was looking for, they came in lovely half yard bundles.

Here's why they're my favorite thing about them though...they let me mix and match which fabrics I wanted in my bundle.  I love looking at bundled fabrics in fabric shops, but there are usually one or two fabrics that I just don't love as much as the others or that won't work for the project I had in mind, so I love that Sisters and Quilters let me choose.  I was looking for some fun black and white prints for some hot pads that would still match if I change up the accent color in my kitchen.  That's where these are going:

I also needed some different black prints for a hospital quilt I'm making.

They joined this little stack of fabric on my shelf.
Bonus points if you can guess which quilt on my Pinterest board these are for.

When selecting fabrics, I started with these bundles:

Half Yard Bundle of Black from the Tuxedo Collection by Doodlebug Design for Riley Blake


Half Yard Bundle of Little Black Dress by Basic Grey for Moda

5" cuts Build A Bundle of Blacks

I chose six of those prints.  I was really impressed when they emailed me an answer to my questions within an hour or two, even though it was the weekend.

You might have already noticed their button on the side of my blog.  I'm super excited to announce that Sisters and Quilters is now a sponsor!  You can find their largest selection of fabric in the Sisters and Quilters Etsy Shop.  They also have a Sisters and Quilters blog that you can find here.  They're participating in giveaways all month long.  You can go here for more details about the giveaways and where to get a coupon code.

Sisters and Quilters sells single fabric by the yard.  Here are a few I like:

Love U Letters by Deb Strain for Moda

Sky Ready Set Go Airplanes by Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman


Urban Zoologie by Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman, Bright Dinosaurs

I love looking through their bundles because I can see more fabrics at once and I can order any of them separately if I want to since the fabric name for each is included in the listing.

I am so wishing I'd seen this bundle before I bought car fabric a month weeks ago...I especially love those classifies.

Half Yard Bundle of Peak Hour in Gray by Kellie Wulfsohn for Riley Blake

You can keep up with all the fabric I've got my eye on here on my Pinterest fabric board.
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  1. I totally bought the peak hour line to make Asher's curtains and book sling(with the classifieds). That is up next in my queue.


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