Thursday, October 25, 2012

Monster Cut-Out Cupcakes

A couple weeks ago I promised a post about Monster Cut-Out Cupcakes...and then I got caught up in The Kids Clothing Week Challenge and a few fun nerdy craft posts and got distracted.

So here they are...

Aren't they cute?

When I was looking for my pumpkin cookie cutter to make these Pumpkin Cut-Out Cupcakes, I came across a weird shaped one.  I think it used to be a gingerbread man.  You could easily make your own by bending a gingerbread man out of shape a bit.

So here's what you do.

You need your cupcakes to raise slightly above the edge of the cupcake wrapper, so you fill the cupcakes just a bit more.  I usually get about 22 cupcakes instead of 24 out of a mix this way.  The instead of baking them at 350 degrees, I bake them at 325 instead and leave them in an extra few minutes.  They'll come out looking something like this.

Then slice off the top.

Cut out your shape.

Spread your frosting on.  (I piped mine out of a ziploc bag with a hole cut in the corner.

Pop the top back on.

Pipe some white frosting for an eye.  Again I used a ziploc bag with a small hole cut in the corner.

And a mini-chocolate chip to the eye.

And it's done.

Ready to feed to all the little monsters at your house.

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  1. These are just so cute! I would love for you to add this to my link-up. I am a new co-host at Mom's Library every Wednesday.


  2. These are awesome! I think I might have to bring them to a Halloween party this weekend, or make them for an upcoming holiday! TY for the inspiration!! ~ Marnie (Carrots Are Orange)

  3. they are so adorable! must try these cut out cupcales soon!!

  4. These are so cute! What a great way to decorate cakes! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Oh my gosh that is adorable!! What an awesome cupcake idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. VERY CUTE!! And they look so yummy!! Thanks for sharing! :)


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