Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Spy Swap Fabrics

I just got back from dropping my I-Spy package off at the post office.  I'm excited to get my new squares back.  Becca has SUCH a fun time helping me sort the squares into their sets that I just know she's going to love helping me sort the new squares when we get them back in a month or so.

If you want to get in on the I-Spy swap, I believe there are still a few spots.  It's being hosted by Hammer and Thread and you go here to sign up.

Here's a better look at the squares I sent.  It's a double swap, and I signed up for both.  If you want to sign up, you just need to come up with 10 different fabrics.

They're all so fun, it's hard to choose favorites, but I think my ultimate favorite are these butterflies.
I also love the farm scene fabric.
And this was a fabric that's been in my stash for ages.  I think it must have been a remnant.  I'd been asking myself why I bought it because I always pass it over because I didn't like it...and then now that it's cut into cute little squares, I love it!  I think that bold design in a half yard was just too much, but it's perfect in a small square.

This cute farm animal print came in the Super Fat Quarter Surprise Bundle I ordered from Granma's Treasures.  (Follow the link and then click on "Bits and Pieces on the side.)
And I love these yellow lady bugs on the funky light.  I ordered it here.
I also love this crazy quilt pattern, which I think is I-Spy on it's own...and then the little I-Spy pictures on it too.
And then I realized I didn't take close-ups of some of my other the butterflies, dragonflies, and lily pads in a wetland scene, or the birds and apples in a tree.

If you're looking for places to order fabric, I can highly recommend Sisters and Quilters.  (The picture below just shows a few of their many fat quarters available.)
They have excellent customer service and you can mix and match their fat quarters into your own bundle, so you only get the fabrics you want.

I've also been pinning all sorts of I-Spy fabric here if you want more ideas.  (And I didn't order the ones that are pinned, so as far as I know they're safe to use for this swap.)

And if you're a lover of I-Spy'll love the fabrics Mimi and the Boy includes in her shop.  Be sure to go here or click on the picture below to enter the Giveaway from Mimi and the Boy for a Bombshell Apron + $15 Gift Certificate.

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