Thursday, March 7, 2013

I-Spy Quilt Finishes

This last week I was sewing quilt bindings like crazy.  We were able to get a bunch of quilts done for Seattle Children's hospital at the little quilt party some ladies from church organized, but they needed bindings sewn on.  I always dread the finishing work involved with sewing bindings, but sewing all these reminded me they're really not that bad.  Anyway, here are some pictures of the I-Spy quilts.  I'll post some pictures of the other quilts tomorrow.

Karen from Katie's Comforter's Guild was kind enough to send me two boxes of fabric a couple months ago to make quilts from.  So we used some of the less exciting fabrics, like this super soft plaid flannel for the back.  It's nice and cozy and the calmer print is a nice contrast to the busy front.

There are four finished ones total that we sent off to the hospital with my neighbor yesterday when she took her son over for some testing.  (Funny how a deadline can get things done...I have to other I-Spy quilts I started a lot earlier, but they aren't done since they weren't destined for the hospital.)

The kids just couldn't stay away from the quilts while I was photographing them.  But I was already planning on washing all the quilts before sending them over to the hospital.  We've just had too many sniffles in the house over the last month and I didn't want to risk any fragile kiddos getting sick from the quilts.

It's funny how these I-Spy Quilts all look more or less the same...and get when you look at them up close each quilt is different and so fun to look at.

It was also interesting to see how the different colored yarn give each quilt a different flavor.

My favorite way to finish quilts is by machine quilting, but since we were working on these in a work party and some ladies were more comfortable with tying, we went with the ties.

I'm excited to see what all the fabrics that come in with our current I-Spy Swap.  (The current swap filled up super quickly, but if you're interested in participating in a future swap, you can go here and leave a comment with your email address and I'll notify you when we do another swap...most likely in May or June.)

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  1. They look fantastic Polly! What a great project and a great cause! And where do you get all your energy??? :)

  2. All the quilts look great and the quilt testers look like they had fun ;). I have to start cutting my fabrics to get them n the mail to you.

  3. Polly the quilts are beautiful!! Some children will be very blessed indeed to have one of them to cuddle up with during a difficult time. And I have to say, I think having your kids photographed with the quilts makes them even more attractive. (The kids or the quilts? Ha ha!)

  4. They look really wonderful! I bet the kids that get them adore them.

  5. Ditto to all the comments...especially what Dorothy said. :) Love the quilts, love the kids, love YOU!

  6. I am still trying to figure out how you have so much time!! :) I bet you are just better at multitasking than I am :) Can't wait for the next I spy swap.

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  8. Love these quilts! What a fun idea for a charity quilt. The kids will love it. You guys did an amazing job with your I Spy collection. Nice! Your family is darling.

  9. Visiting from show and tell saturday. Great quilts, I can see why your kids like them

  10. Beautiful, the kids will be so happy to have a quilt andi

  11. It is funny. They are all alike, but they are also all quite different. Obviously some thought was involved so that the fabrics in each quilt belonged to that quilt. Well done.


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