Friday, May 10, 2013

Soap Box Moment...

Okay, this post pretty much me on a soapbox...sorry!  And it's not even a super well-timed soapbox since there aren't really any elections coming soon, but this is when I'm thinking about it.  For the last while, our school district has been trying to pass a bond to build a new school.  We have three schools in the district and they're all bursting at the seams with nothing but more growth on the horizon.

A bond ran in November and 15 votes. 

They ran the bond again in February.  This time a lot more people, including our family, got more involved in getting word out.  After all the regular votes were tallied the day after the election, it was winning by ONE vote, and there were still 18 "contested" votes that someone needed to look at to see if they could be counted...and then add them to the tally as well.  We just found out a couple days ago that the final official count showed the bond passed by TWO votes.

I think everyone who helped this bond pass can stand back and say THEY made a difference.  Without ever single effort this would not have passed and our kids would not be getting the new school they need.  Getting involved in politics and elections and going door to door to talk to people about politics and elections is WAY out of my comfort zone, but I did it anyway...and in this election, I can say it made a difference.  I also did a few things that were inside my comfort zone like design Facebook picture messages and the design of the door-hangers we passed out.

So get involved...find something you're willing to take on and do it.  Write letters to the editor, help put up yard signs, get the facts out, talk to your friends, distribute fliers, make phone calls whatever.  What one person does CAN make a difference.

Okay...that's the end of my soapbox. :)

Now I'm hoping they'll let me make a quilt to help decorate the new two years...definitely more in my comfort zone...

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  1. Good for you helping pass the bond! My mom has always really been involved in things like this and it makes so much difference. I'm glad that you are helping your community and your children!

  2. So awesome for Royal City. Good for you, Polly! Fact: It took Oregon City 20 years to finally get a bond passed for our new high school. Hard to believe that next month we will graduate our 10th class from the "new" building. The bond is already 1/2 paid for...
    I am so envious that you are getting a new library...

  3. I'm glad to know that there is a difference one person CAN make! (I knew this, but sometimes I didn't believe it) Good for you for helping make a difference in your area!


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