Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Last Minute Teacher Appreciation

I've seen teacher appreciation ideas flying around like crazy on craft blogs for weeks...and I still didn't plan ahead for anything...but we've managed to pull together a few things.

I saw some fun ideas for decorating teachers' doors.  I talked to Katie about the idea and she thought puzzle pieces would be fun.  I cut out the puzzle pieces for her, but she took care of getting her classmates to sign their names on the pieces before school and during recess.  She got a class list from her teacher so she could make sure she had everyone's names included.  Then the went over to the school extra early with Seth and Becca all on their own to tape them to her teacher's door.  (Anson wasn't quite ready to head over, so he and I went over a few minutes later to pick up Becca...kinda nice living next door to the school.)  I was really impressed with how much Katie took charge of the project.

I haven't done anything official for Seth's teachers yet, but I think I'm going to write a letter to the principal, like I usually do.  They have just been amazing with him this year.  Last week they were studying Q and they read some stories about quilts, so I volunteered to help the class make a quilt.  I'll have more details about it later, but each child got to choose their own fabric, and we were just able to take a completed picture of them with their quilts today.  Their teacher will keep one for their room...and another lucky person gets the second one, but I won't say who since it hasn't been gifted yet. :)

Being a former teacher and being married to a current teacher, I'm a big believer in showing your child's teacher how much you appreciate them, but it really doesn't have to be anything big.  I still think the absolute BEST teacher appreciation gift is a letter to your child's teacher and/or their principal.

I've also let my kids pick out flowers for their teacher before.

And there probably isn't enough time to get one of these made by tomorrow, but it could make a fun and easy end of year with a mat signed by the kids.

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  1. So proud of Katie to organize her class' thoughtful door decoration. These are great ideas, Polly.


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