Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Organic" Chemistry Cupcakes for Mole Day or Any Day

Happy Mole Day everyone!  In honor of the greatest chemistry holiday few people know about, I thought I'd share a sweet treat, even your less geeky friends will appreciate.  Organic Cupcakes!

Or rather Organic Chemistry Cupcakes.

While the hubby and I are all for natural food...having chemistry backgrounds we do occasionally poke fun at people calling particular food "organic" because from a chemistry perspective pretty much all food except for salt is organic.  (The field of organic chemistry deals with pretty much any chemistry relating to carbon compounds...which is just about everything relating to living things and what we eat.)

Eric likes to do something with his science classes to celebrate Mole Day.  A mole is a number...kinda like a dozen means 12...although instead of being something countable, a mole is 602200000000000000000000.  It's important in chemistry, and since the shorter way to write it is 6.022x 10^23, chemistry geeks take the 10^23 part and turn that into October 23rd.  If you'd like to learn more about moles, well you can learn a lot from this song.

In the past, we've made Periodic Table Cookies...
and Periodic Table Graham Crackers.

This year, things have just been too crazy between getting Halloween stuff ready and some blog projects I've got coming up and him getting ready for a science teacher conference this weekend, so this year is pretty it Mole Day just might go completely unobserved at our house.

So I went WAY back in the archives to bring you some organic chemistry cupcakes we made 10 years ago.  (Yes, we've been the geeky crafty types ever since way before it was cool.)

We actually made these for Eric's birthday that year.  He was a graduate student TA for an organic chemistry class, and he took these in to share with his class.

You'll have to forgive me that my choice of pictures are a little limited.  Seeing these makes me want to new ones just for fun...
Now go have yourself a Mole Day Party!

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  1. My son says, "Very cute. They could help you study.". He is a science student at PSU.

  2. That is too funny. My husband is also a PhD scientist and I always make him nerdy (ahem.. i mean "scientific" cakes!)

  3. You always have such fun projects and ideas for the fun science/math days! These are super fun!

  4. Very cool! My nephew is a chemistry major in college. Pinned this! New google and soc media follow too! Stop by:)

  5. Mole day! I can't believe I missed it! I really appreciate the range of compounds represented. I would totally eat the EtOH one.

    1. I am featuring these cupcakes on my blog tomorrow:

  6. Wow....breaking yummy! Seriously, these would be good for a breaking bad party. Consider them pinned!!

  7. The nerd in me thinks this is awesome! Such a fun idea!

  8. My husbands best friend just got his PH.D. organic chemistry. I wish I saw this last month because I could have made them fro his defense.


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