Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I-Spy Heart Quilt - A Quilt for a Baby Logo's Heart

Sometimes there are quilts that just HAVE to be made regardless of what other projects I had planned.  This was one of them.

This adorable little guy is going in for heart surgery today (as long as everything went well over the weekend and it didn't get pushed back.)

You might remember several weeks ago when I posted about the little boy reading onesies and I sent one to a Robyn, a blogging friend at Pen Pals and Picture Books as a little surprise for Baby Logo (his blog name...not his real name).  And as a side note, it's easier to surprise a blogging friend, when they have a blogging partner, you can get their address from.  Thanks, Whitney!

I had no idea until we started exchanging emails back and forth that her little guy would be going in for heart surgery soon.  Robyn hasn't posted about it on her blog yet (because seriously...how hard is that to write about?!?  I've never even actually met him and I'm tearing up writing this), but she said it would be okay for me to mention it here.  So before you read the rest of this post...say a little prayer for Baby Logo and his family, and the doctors and nurses caring for him that everything will go well and that he'll have a speedy recovery and healthier heart soon...next pop on over to Pen Pals and Picture Books or their Facebook page and say something kind or funny to Robyn to lift her spirits...and then you can come back and read the rest of this post...

***Update:  Robyn says that Baby Logo's surgery went just as planned and he's doing great and started on the road to recovery!  So good to hear!

I figured with all the hospital quilts I've been making for people, that Robyn's family could use one as much as anyone, and I wanted to get it done before his surgery to help brighten Baby Logo's room and give big sister and brothers something to help entertain them during visits.

Although, seriously...his 5-year-old brother just finished the most amazing quilt (go check it out) for baby Logo, so Logo is set.  The I-Spy quilt may end up staying-at-home with the big kids to help comfort them while Mom and Dad are at the hospital with the baby brother.

We put a heart in the middle because Logo's little heart will be so much healthier when they're done.  And we made it blue because he's a boy, that's his mama's favorite color...and it just so happens that there are usually extra blue squares in any given I-Spy swap.

Anyway, my girls helped me sort out squares.

We decided to make this something of an all-star quilt.  We just picked out our favorites.  We started by pulling out favorites out of our most recent I-Spy Swap, and then I raided my "special squares" pile, so this probably has squares in it from 4 or 5 different swaps.

Some of the squares are super-duper-favorites that I've been hoarding saving for just the right project...like those humerous candy knock-offs, the kitty peeking out, and the girl scout patches (I know...he's a boy...but they're green and pretty unusual as far as I-Spys go.)

We also tried to stick to boy or neutral themed squares.  I also had a couple of book themed squares that I made sure made it into the quilt.  (Like Where the Wild Things Are above, and Oh, the Places You'll Go...Dr. Seuss below.)
And this is Becca showing her favorite square...although she had a REALLY hard time choosing one.

We made a heart in the middle with blue and then the rest of the quilt is just random.  I thought about using the 4x4 color blocks, like I've done before, but since we were just trying to use the best squares, I didn't want to be limited by a certain number of each color.  I'm hoping to have a little tutorial for the heart block soon.

I like the backs of I-Spy quilts to be kinda calm, since the fronts are so loud and busy...but I had a half-yard of Oh The Places You'll Go Elephants (Dr. Seuss) from Sisters and Quilters that really wanted into the quilt because of the book connection, so I in this blue print from my stash since Robyn likes blue and it matched the elephants.

And we took some quick photographs of it, and shipped it off to Robyn and her family.

If you're not familiar with I-Spy Quilts, each square has a different picture on them, and you generally get the squares as parts of I-Spy swaps.  I've hosted several swaps in the past, and will be doing one again soon.  If you'd like to be notified of the next one, you can go here and fill out the form at the bottom of the post or I have a couple of extra sets of I-Spy squares listed for sale in my shop here.  I also make custom I-Spy quilts if you're not up for making one yourself.

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  1. Polly - that is going to be SOOOOO loved!! I can't think of a more perfect package to receive during this emotionally taxing time for a family. Well done!!!

  2. This is so adorable! I love the heart in the middle.

  3. Great quilt. Hope the little guy pulls through.

  4. What an absolutely thoughtful and perfect quilt. The heart makes this quilt so, so special! Prayers to Baby Logo.

  5. Polly! This was wonderful :) Logo is doing great! His surgery went just as planned. He is now on the road to recovery. I'm so so so greatful for all of the love and support that has come our way. xoxo

  6. It is so so wonderful Polly! You are the most generous person we've ever (and never) met!!!

  7. I'm so happy to hear the surgery went well. This is such an adorable quilt. I love it.

  8. Polly I absolutely love this quilt! It came out perfect, I can see the siblings playing with it while they visit and the little guy will will treasure it forever. I love how happy Becca looks in the pictures, I bet she is such a great helper.

  9. I love your I-Spy quilts. The heart on this one perfect touch!

  10. The quilt turned out great and love seeing it with the little guy. It seems your Ispy sold quickly...good for you!


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