Thursday, February 6, 2014

Are you on Instagram? And Works in Progrss...

I'm finally on Instagram!  If you want to see more of what I'm working on, on a day-to-day basis, I'd love for you to follow me @PiecesbyPolly.

My sister Katie has been telling me for months that I needed to find a way to get on Instagram.  Hubby and I tend to be 5-10 years behind the curve on most electronic gadgets.  (We have a 15-inch or so TV with embedded VCR...but no DVD player other than the computer...can we still be friends?)  We just can't quite stomach the monthly bill that would come with a smart phone when we've been getting along just fine with our one $10 a month-ish prepaid not-smart-cell-phone

So instead of a smart phone we got an iPod touch (see...6 or so years after the first ones came out).  I'm LOVING that I can snap a quick picture of a project and share it without having to stop what I'm doing to download pics off my camera to the computer and then upload them the web.

So in case you missed it, here's a peek at what I've been up to this week.

I've started my quilt for the Modern Quilt Guild Riley Blake Challenge.  Participants were sent a little stack of bright colored Riley Blake basics.  We were told we could use any solids we wanted and any other Riley Blake prints.  I already had these fun Geekly Chic Glasses in Lavender I got from Quilt Sandwich Fabrics, and I added 1 yard of Riley Blake Ombre in Green that I got from here.  I've seen several quilts made from ombre fabrics and I love the variation you get all from one cut of fabric.

For my birthday, the hubby gave me a whole day to sew (derailed a bit by a boy who had to be taken to urgent care...but Hubby did his best).  So I was able to get the quilt top all sewed together...

The glasses are a little random, but I really like it.  It's not very often I make a quilt just for the creativity of it and not to try to please a particular person.  Now I'm just waiting on the backing fabric I ordered, so I can get it done by the deadline of Feb. 17th.

And I still had a little time left in my sewing day, so I pulled out my bundle of Dr. Seuss fabrics I've been collecting from different places, in particular Sisters and Quilters has a great selection.  This one will be a lot like the last Dr. Seuss quilt I made...but also different since I've got a different set of Dr. Seuss prints this time.

And last but not least, I've been working on some fun new things for the Pieces by Polly Shop.  The Expecto Patronum Necklaces are already listed here but I'll have better pictures and all the Patronus choices up soon, and Hogwarts Outfits for 18-in. Dolls (American Girl dolls, etc) will be coming soon.  I'm in love with the tiny doll wands.  They just need the shiny sealant coat and they'll be done.

The iPod is still no replacement for my regular camera as you can see the picture quality is not quite as good...but it's nice for snapping quick pictures while I'm working.  I'll still be using my regular camera for taking good tutorial and finished project photographs.

If you're not on Instagram yet, don't worry, I post some (but not all) of my Instagram pictures to my Pieces By Polly Facebook Page.  If you're still following me on my Helping Little Hands Facebook page, PLEASE switch over to Pieces by Polly.  My Helping Little Hands Facebook page is not connected with my Instagram account so you won't be getting as many pictures AND eventually I'm moving toward no longer using the Helping Little Hands Page.  In fact, once you're switched over to Pieces by Polly Facebook page, you're welcome to stop following the Helping Little Hands Page.  Facebook has really strict rules about combining accounts, and I need to have more followers on the Pieces by Polly page to be able to join the accounts.  And...of course Facebook doesn't show you all the updates from people you follow, so if you want to be sure to see all my posts, hover your mouse over the "like" button and you'll have the option to have get Facebook notifications when a new post is up.

Oh...and while we're talking about ways to follow can find Pieces by Polly on Pinterest here.

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  1. Can't wait to follow! I'm pretty new to Instagram too.. and mostly take pictures of my kids, but it is fun to see what everyone else is up to! @TheKimSixFix

  2. Going over to IG now to follow you. IG is a wonderful way to share ideas and get feedback in a timely manner. I love the green and purple in your quilt and the glasses print is so fun!


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