Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Not-So-Fancy Fancy-Nancy Quilt

What do you get when you sew a really simple quilt top including fun Fancy Nancy fabric?  A Not-so-Fancy Fancy-Nancy Quilt.

We are HUGE fans of Fancy Nancy at our house.  If you're not familiar with Fancy Nancy...she's a little girl who LOVES to be fancy and to use fancy words.    Sometimes being fancy creates problems to be solved though, and each book teaches 5-7ish "fancy" words to increase kids vocabulary.  Add to that the fact that Robin Preiss Glasser's illustrations are absolutely amazing, and you've got some wonderful books.

Fancy Nancy books were some of the first "real" books that Katie loved enough to make it worth her effort WANT to read.  And now several years later, Becca is every bit as much in love with them.  Of course, now several years later we have collected even more Fancy Nancy books.  I'm not sure whether I'm proud or ashamed to say that this isn't even all of our books...just the ones we could find the day we were taking pictures.  I pick most of them up at thrift stores or used book websites.  Fancy Nancy Books (affiliate link) make great gifts for girls around 4-6 years old, and there are tons to choose from.

And in fact today, just before writing this our copy of the newest Fancy Nancy Book just arrived in the mail.  Fancy Nancy and the Wedding of the Century. (affiliate link)  The girls were reading it without seconds of walking into the house from the post office.

Anyway, a couple years ago when Katie had outgrown the books and Becca wasn't quite in love with them, I found some fun Fancy Nancy fabric on clearance at JoAnns...that right for around $4 a yard.  I figured it would be perfect for a hospital quilt for some little girl in love with Fancy Nancy, so I cut it into 6 inch strips...and they sat on my self for around a year.

I decided that For the LOVE of Books was the perfect time to finish up the quilt.

It was a super fast sew since it's just a series of 6 inch strips.  I made it bright and loud with lots of pink and purple.

Since the quilt was headed off to Seattle Children's Hospital via Katie's Comforters, we put in one of the Easy-Reader Fancy Nancy books... Fancy Nancy Delectable of Becca's favorites.  (Becca is showing off her own book...the one for the hospital was brand new and never read.  Books for the Hospital have to be brand new for germ reasons.)

Becca had a good time trying out the quilt for some pictures.

And then we washed up fresh and left it at my in-laws during our last visit.

My sweet father-in-law dropped it off to Seattle Children's Hospital for me earlier this week, along with two other quilts some other ladies here in town sewed for the Hospital..  Hopefully some little girl will love the quilt and the book will make her time in the hospital a little more bearable.

I searched high and low to see if this fabric is still sold anywhere...and alas I was not able to find it.  It does pop up on Etsy or Ebay from time to time if you're persistent...but often at a ridiculously high price. But if you're looking for other book themed fabrics, be sure to check out this post that highlights over 120 children's book themed fabrics currently available.

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  1. This quilt looks pretty fancy to me. I think the color palette is perfect. I am certain it will brighten some little girl's hospital experience.


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