Thursday, May 22, 2014

Olivia (the Pig) Outfit or Costume

I made this outfit clear back in March to be part of For the LOVE of Books and I just didn't get it posted.
We've loved Olivia at our house for a long time.  The stories are funny and the illustrations are wonderful.

If you're not familiar with the Olivia books by Ian Falconer, you're missing out.

Most of the illustrations are in black, white, and red, with usually just one other color thrown in that varies from book to book.  There are also lots of stripes used throughout the books in Olivia's and her brothers' outfits.  This is the outfit we were particularly inspired by from Olivia's Opposites (although I think this illustration was probably taken from Olivia Counts).

And there's nothing to make a kid fall in love with a book than letting them dress up like the character.

I wanted to make something that would be fun and inspired by the illustrations, but not look like a "costume," so she could wear it when she starts kindergarten.

It's just a basic red shirt.

Grey circle skirts are the best for twirling.  (We used Dana's awesome tutorial as usual.)

These striped red tights that I bought a couple years ago for Katie and always regret when the girls wear them to church because the clash with every dress they own I'm so glad I picked up a couple years ago because they work for this as well as our Dr. Seuss outfits.

And to finish off the outfit, we went with some basic black shoes.  (These are Seth's old church shoes that Becca wore when she was Ginny Weasley for Halloween and still loves to wear all the time.)

Or basic white shoes.

And of course you'll want to add some pig tails for the hair.

And if you did want to turn this into a Halloween Costume, all you would need to do is add a pig snout and ears.

Of course another way to make fun book-themed projects is to use book themed you might be interested in this post highlighted over 120 book-themed fabrics

Becca had a lot of fun with this outfit, and now I'm on the lookout for other book illustrations we can make into fun outfits.  Any suggestions?

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  1. Love this so much! Especially the photos on top of the big tire and Becca/Olivia twirling. Great tights! Hooray for books!


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