Monday, July 7, 2014

All-Boy Wee Wander Hexie Quilt in Blues

Note:  This is the second quilt I have made from this pattern.  The free pattern and tutorial for this Wee Wander Hexagon Quilt can be found here.  

The Wee Wander Hexagon quilt I made a couple months ago is still one of my all time favorites.  I tried to make it gender neutral as possible.  (As much as I ADORE the Wee Wander line, my one complaint about it is that it could use a few more boys in it...or a couple of boy exclusive fabrics.)

So I was excited when a customer contacted me about making a custom Wee Wander Quilt, all in blue, and specifically for a boy.  (If you're interested in a custom Wee Wander quilt, you can visit my shop here.)  It gave me an excuse to make the quilt as "boy" as possible.

Lucky for me, my local quilt shop stocks all the blue Wee Wander prints, so I was able to go in and choose exactly where they were cutting the fabric to maximize getting the boys onto the quilt.  (If you're not lucky enough to have a fabric shop nearby that stocks Wee Wander, my sponsors...Sisters and Quilters on Etsy has many of their prints and they have awesome customer service.  They're always happy to put together a custom bundle.)

As much as I loved the orange/coral triangles I used in my first Wee Wander quilt, I love the light blue triangles even more!

One of the things I LOVE about the Wee Wander line is that there are so many colors you can add in with it to give quilts such different vibes (and I haven't even experimented with the pink versions of the Wee Wander fabrics.!)

So far I've used orange, teal, and the light blue and each quilt turns out with such a different feel to it.

This quilt has one more hexagon in each row than the first quilt I made, so the accent strip on the back is wider.

Both of these hexie quilts went off to new homes this week.
Which if course means I'm itching to make another one...

If you want to make your own, you can find my free tutorial and pattern for making these quilts here.  (This newest quilt has an extra hexagon in each row to make it a bit bigger approximately square.)

And if you don't want to make your own, I'd love to make a custom quilt for you.  You can go here for more information and pricing.

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  1. Polly, I agree with you about the colors. I loved the orange and teal, but my new favorite is the light blue. Beautiful!!


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