Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I-Spy Quilt - Black and White Plus Version

If you've been around this blog a while, you know I love a good I-Spy Quilt. 

With the most recent I-Spy Swap in progress, I figured that I really needed to use up some of my I-Spy Squares.  (I've also listed some I-Spy charm sets in my shop if you're looking for squares or you can go here to get your name added to an email list for our next promises about when that will be though.)

When I'm doing color-blocked I-Spy quilts, there are some types of squares that just seem to have a hard time fitting it my quilts.  For instances, I lean toward the squares that are really saturated in color and don't use as many black or white squares.  I've also been wanting to try a plus quilt, so this was a good opportunity.

So I decided to go for a quilt that had nothing but black and white based squares.  These still have plenty of really fun pictures.  In fact, I've found that some of the wackiest objects end up on square with black backgrounds... sushi, computer keyboards, Russian dolls, Japanese shoes, fortune cookies, and M&M cookies just to name a few.

I thought I'd managed to have all unique squares...but it turned out that there is one set of duplicates...and I goofed a bit on the plus pattern in one of the corners.  And of course I didn't notice either mistake until I was well into quilting the whole thing.

Because the quilt is so black and white, I wanted the back to bring in some bright colors, so the back is red with a yellow accent strip.

And I tried something a little different with the quilting and quilted through all the diagonals instead of along the seam lines.  I love the way it turned out.

This black and white I-Spy quilt is available here in my quilt shop...

And I had so much fun making it, I thought I'd try one in blues, greens, and browns since I often have extras of those colors.  It's still in progress, but when it's finished it will go off to Seattle Children's Hospital.

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  1. Great quilts, Polly! I will have to remember that for my black and white squares.


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