Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pocket-Pillow Quilt Tutorial with Fairfield and Animal Cuddle from Shannon Fabrics

You're going to love this Pocket Pillow Quilt Tutorial.  It's super fast and simple to make using Cuddle Cakes from Shannon Fabrics.

 You can find the full tutorial and instructions on the Fairfield World Website here, but I wanted to share a few more pictures of it in a blog post.

I used the Adorable Animals Cuddle Cake, although all all of Shannon Fabrics Cuddle Cakes are super soft and luxurious.  Shannon Fabrics generously donated the fabric, so that I could make this quilt for our school's special ed class.

And since this was made with the special ed class in mind, besides the bamboo blend batting I used on the inside, I also used a layer of Shield Interlining as a moisture block.  A couple of the kids who will be using this have occasional accidents and this will help protect the furniture in their classroom.

The Shield is also perfect for a blanket you plan to use for picnics.  Use for indoor picnics to protect your carpet or for outdoor picnics to make sure damp grass doesn't soak through and make damp bottoms.

The kids had a fun time trying out it's snuggly softness before we delivered it.

And one of the best parts is that it can fold up into a pillow when not in use.

Or you can use the pocket to tuck a pillow into an 18" pillow insert to have a soft pillow while you're curled up in the blanket.

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