Monday, September 21, 2015

Scrappy Halloween Pillow Cover Tutorial

I decided our living room need a few more pops of color, and nothings more appropriate this time of year than a scrappy Halloween pillow.

In general, I prefer width-of-fabric cuts over fat quarters and such, so I often end up with width of fabric scraps left over.  When I'm left with a scrap after cutting out a project, I always trim it even right then, so that the scraps are ready to go when I have a project.

For this one pulled out some Halloween and fall themed scraps, as well as a few others that fit the color scheme.

This pillow is super fast to sew together, since it's all done with width-of-fabric scraps that are sewn together and then cut into the four squares you'll need.

You can see my full tutorial here on the Fairfield World website.

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