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Super Easy Doll Puff Quilt

I've had lots of Shannon Cuddle Scraps around for quite a while that have just been begging to be made into something fun, so I decided to put together some fun doll quilts.  And at the last  minute I decided to add some polyfil too make them extra puffy.  I'm SO glad I did.  It just makes them so luscious and soft and fun to play dolls with.  Thanks to Fairfield World for providing materials and compensating me for this post.  Thanks also to Shannon Fabrics for providing me with materials.  All opinions and ideas are 100% mine. Post may contain affiliate links.

Most puff quilts require making lots of tedious separate puff pockets and then sewing them all together, but NOT THIS ONE!!  You will LOVE how simple this is.  You sew the whole thing the way you normally would and then we'll add some extra stuffing when we get to the quilting step.

They're the perfect size to work well with my new Doll Tent Tutorial on the Shannon Fabrics website.

And great for summer time doll picnics.

I love the look so much, I think I'm going to need to make some puff pillows for the real people in our house next.

Be sure to check out all the links at the bottom of this post for additional coordinating doll tutorials and accessories.

Difficulty: Beginner

Time: 1-2 Hours


Cut your cuddle scraps into 6" squares.  You'll need 20 squares for each doll quilt.  Don't worry about mixing and matching different textures.  The variety makes the quilts more fun.  (Can I just say that I love that Shannon Fabrics coodinates colors across their fabric collections...makes their scraps match so beautifully.)

Arrange your squares.  Mine are pretty random because could had a few squares of some colors and it wasn't enough to make a pattern.  Snap a picture to help you remember the order.

Sew your squares together using a 1/2 inch seam allowance the way you would for any other quilt.  When you're sewing with cuddle it's super helpful to pin your pieces well and/or use a walking foot to help feed fabrics evening through your machine.

Now we're going to layer our quilt with our batting.  I prefer to use basting spray, especially with cuddle fabrics.  Basting spray helps hold it all in place and even the back of the cuddle fabric is slippery. (I do my basting spray on the floor because it's easy to mop after.  You may use someone to protect your floor depending on your finish.)

You should have your top, batting, and cuddle backing. Trim the backing and batting even with the top.

Now we're going to start our quilting by stitching in the ditch BUT WE'RE ONLY GOING TO DO CERTAIN LINES.

Stitch all the vertical lines, including the edges, but ONLY SEW ONE horizontal line.

Stuff one handful of polyfil into each square on both sides of your horizontal line.
At this point, you should have two rows on each side of your line.

Stitch in the ditch to close off the row of squares you just filled.  Fill the next row.  Repeat.

When you get to the last row, you'll need to sew along the edge to close up your pockets.

Now it's time to do the binding.  Cut your binding fabric into 2" strips.  Sew your binding with RIGHT SIDES together onto the top of your quilt with a 3/8 seam allowance.  Normally when you sew binding, you need to be careful not to stretch the binding fabric, but because the puffs actually scrunch the quilt up a bit, I STRETCHED THE BINDING SLIGHTLY ON PURPOSE so it would scrunch up with the rest of the quilt.

Then bring your binding around to the back of the quilt, fold raw edge under. Pin well and sew in the ditch from the front.  (For more cuddle binding tips see the Shannon Fabrics website here.)

And your doll is ready to be put to bed.  (The mattress shown in this picture is actually the base to my doll tent.  you can see how to make your own on the Shannon Fabrics website.)

Or if she's not tired maybe she'd rather head to the woods...
or out for a picnic...

You can find Shannon Fabrics at many local quilt shops and fabric stores, and online at, and You can also use their Store Locator to find shops near you: Store Locator.

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