Monday, August 30, 2010

Pick Me! Pick Me!

In the spirit of a little August Archiving...Remeber this fun project?  (One of the easiest and cheapest baby toys ever.)
Well, I entered it in the Iron Crafter Competition on Fireflies and Jellybeans, and

So click on over and vote for me!  Or you can vote for someone else if you want to...because honestly there are several  projects that are way cooler than mine and deserve to win too.


  1. Good for you! Who knew there were so many craft projects you could do with paint chips?

  2. I voted for you! I love this project. I made something similar a few months ago for my 2-year-old to entertain her on a long flight. For hers I printed and laminated photos of different family members--I did this especially since she hadn't seen her grandparents and other relatives in 18 months. I'd definitely like to add more to it--she loves putting the pictures and cards in and out of the pockets--even at her age. Here's my post on my tot wallet if you're interested: (photo at bottom of post).

  3. I voted for you. I love this project so much!


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