Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Pi Day!

We had a really fun Pi-Day...

And I'm tired...

So I'll post more details and the freezer paper stencils for the shirts...another day.

Did you celebrate Pi -Day?  If so, I'd love for you to share your link or tell me about it in the comments!  Come back in the morning for another awesome Read-Along post.


  1. Polly, I didn't celebrate pi day but my friend shauna did... i don't know if you've come across shauna's blog before but it's amazing! we served in quito, ecuador together and now she's got six children and she does amazing activities and is a very talented photographer! check it out:

  2. Little Brother's shirt makes me laugh! Thanks for posting the pics even though you're tired.

  3. Adorable shirts! The kids' are cute, but I simply adore the ones with the apples!

  4. I love YOUR pi shirts. So clever! My kids' school actually order them every year for the kids. Here is last years T-shirt and post-

    I think the year before is on my blog too, of course the date would be 3.14 2009

  5. Polly - those shirts are absolutely adorable!! LOVE the mud pi! We're going to have to celebrate pi day next year. :)

  6. How cute are you guys?!?! Love the shirts Polly.


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