Friday, March 22, 2013

One more unicorn...

I was just about ready to mail off the unicorn I-Spy Quilt to my brother's new baby, when Eric (my husband) pulled out his star chart to have a look at the night sky and casually mentioned there is a unicorn constellation named Monoceros.

Uhhhh...what?!?  You didn't mention this before?  I'd been thinking the back of the quilt looked a little blah.  (Now mind you, I usually make my quilt backs totally plain fabric, so using the night sky fabric was already a little fancy for me...but with the row of I-Spys and the moon there seemed to be a lot of empty space.

So I decided to add one last unicorn to the quilt in the form of stars.

I used the same stars (click here for pattern) that I used for making Eric and Anson's Big and Little Dipper Costumes at Halloween.   (Those stars had in turn been inspired by the stars on the Constellation Jewelry at Boutique Academia.)  I cut them out of freezer paper.  Ironed them in place.

Filled them in with some white fabric paint and was done.  It probably took me about 15 minutes.
I think that brings the total number of unicorns on this quilt to 8.  Now if I could just find the packing tape to seal up the box, this quilt would be on it's way.

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  1. That is VERY cool. This is such a special quilt. Can't wait to see the quilt AND Avalon!

  2. I love the addition of the constellation unicorn! So much fun! And I can never find the packing tape either, which is weird because I know I just bought a 4 pack, haha.

  3. The quilt is gorgeous.
    And that makes me laugh about the packing tape. My kids always run off with my tape gun. Can't find it to save my life! Good luck!

  4. How neat! Love the constellation add in---good thinking on the hubby's part:)


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