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R2-K9 Star Wars Themed DIY Dog Bed

The Star Wars dog-parent in your life is definitely going to want one of these.  Although a dog bed like this can be made for any theme.  Thanks to Shannon Fabrics, Dritz, and Fairfield World for providing me with product for this dog bed and to Fairfield World for compensating me for this post.  All opinions, ideas, enthusiasm and complete geekiness is 100% my own. This post contains affiliate links.

R2-K9 get it?!?  Although K-9SO could make a great dog bed too.  A friend of mine recently became pet-parent to a rescue dog and he wanted a comfy place for his dog to sleep.  Since he is such a Star Wars fan, I thought a punny Star Wars dog joke was in order.  (Free Pattern for Star Wars Quilt-in-a-Day in photos can be found here.)

And because he wanted an extra cover for when the first was in the wash, I made a second with some
Luxe Cuddle® Weave in Silver Heather to match the dog's beautiful coat to minimize visible pet hair.

Materials to make your own:

One of the reasons these dog bed covers are so easy to make and so easy to pull on and off for washing is that they work like a fitted sheet, which leaves the bottom uncovered.  I wanted our foam to be protected from all sides and even when the regular covers were pulled off for washing, so I added an zippered shield protector underneath.

But of course we want the regular cover to be fun for you and soft for your pet.

Cutting Instructions:

Our cover is made from one large piece of fabric and I've found the easiest way to measure and cut accurately is to carefully fold my fabric in quarters.  My foam was 24"x 36"x 5", so I initially cut mine to 41" x 53" (measuring 20.5" x 26.5" from folds when quartered).

If you're using a different size or thickness of foam, you'll use this formula to figure out the size you need:

With the fabric folded in quarters, cut an 8 1/2" square out of the unfolded corner.  (If you're using a different thickness of foam, you'll cut a square out that is the thickness of your foam PLUS 3 1/2".

Making your Applique

Print out the  R2-K9 Template and tape together.  Trace design onto paper side of paper-backed fusible web.  Roughly cut out.  Iron onto the BACK of your white Cuddle® Suede.  Cuddle® Suede is made from polyester, so do NOT use the highest heat setting on your iron and test heat on a corner of your fabric.

Cut out.

Peel off paper backing.

Center on your cover cover. 

Iron in place.  You'll want to be sure you iron isn't too hot and IRON IN THE DIRECTION OF THE NAP.  Iron just as much as needed to stick R2-K9 pieces.

I added some smooth fusible fleece to the back, just behind the top design.  It's not totally necessary, but it gives the top fabric a bit more support to keep from warping with the satin stitching and gives the design a little more pop from the extra bulk there.  Other fabrics with limited stretch would work as well.

Using a satin-stitch (or tight zigzag stitch, sew around the edge of your design.  Do NOT backstitch at ends.  Instead leave thread tales long.  Pull thread tails through to the back and securely tie knots by hand.

Trim off excess fusible fleece.

Sewing the Cover Together
Match sides of each square "missing" from corners.  Stitch with 1/2 seam allowance.  Repeat for all four corners.  Check fit on your piece of foam before moving on.  If the cover seems at all loose around the top, restitch with slightly wider seam allowance.  If fit is a bit tight...that's fine.

Cuddle® Suede can fray, but it's also bulky enough that I didn't want to do an extra hem.  Instead, I used my serger to go over the raw edge to prevent fraying later.  If you don't have a serger, you can get the same result by going over the edge with a wide zigzag stitch on your regular sewing machine.

Make a casing for your elastic by folding side edge 1 1/2 inches all the way around the bottom.  Stitch 1/4 inch from raw edge, leaving a 2+ inch opening for adding elastic.

Add elastic through casing.  Once it's all the way through with elastic at both ends, check fit over cover.  Pull elastic until fit looks snug from the top.  Sew ends of elastic together and trim any excess.

And it's ready to slip over your foam the same way you'd put a fitted sheet on a bed.

Comfy cozy for your furry family member.

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