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Wingardium LOVEiosa - FREE Printable Harry Potter Themed Valentines Updated

Seth wasn't thrilled with the Dementor's Kiss-Away valentines...and we were running out of Hershey Kisses, so we decided to fall back on last year's Harry Potter Valentines.

And because Ron and Ginny are also favorites at our house, we decided to add to the collection.  You can go to this post to download the updated Wingardium LOVEiosa Harry Potter Valentines.

Seth had a blast making his valentines.  It was fun to listen to him think aloud about which friend should get which character.  All he had to do was write the names on and stick a mini candy bar on with double-sided tape.

Plus I suppose a part of me wanted to show a bit of solidarity for Ron.  I feel a bit bad for Ron after J.K. Rowling said she thinks Hermione should have married Harry instead of Ron.  Seriously?!?  I think Ron and Hermione are great together.

Ron might not have been the most famous or the best at everything, but he stuck by his friends and was a pretty great wizard in his own right.  Why shouldn't he be good enough to be with Hermione?

Plus I really like Harry and Ginny together?  Ginny has a lot of spunk and while she might not have been as brilliant as Hermione, we get lots of clues in the books that Ginny was really good at magic herself.

Plus, Harry always wanted a family.  The Weasley's treated him like family and made him welcome and by marrying Ginny, they are REALLY his family.  Sure Hermione had parents who would have loved Harry to be sure, but she didn't have a big family and since her parents were Muggles they would not have been as close going forward. 

And not to mention that I think it would have been too cheesy and predictable to have Harry and Hermione end up together.  I asked my kids their option and they said they thought Harry and Hermione should have married each other because Harry and Hermione are their two favorites.  And perhaps that's why I think it would be too's kind of juvenile to think that your favorites will always end up together.  (After all, my kids are 9 and 6.)  Harry and Hermione would have no chance at a normal life because Harry was super famous and Hermione would have become famous for her brilliance.  And of course, changing who Hermione marries would not just be a case of changing the epilogue.  While not center stage Harry's romance with Ginny, and Ron's romance with Hermione develop throughout the later books and there are even some hints of them in the earlier ones.

I like the idea of Harry and Hermione being normal people with some extraordinary abilities and that they are able to go on and marry ordinary people...although it can be argued that Ron and Ginny have some extraordinary abilities of their own.

Anyway, what's your opinion?  Do you think that Hermione should have married Ron or Harry?

Here are some other fun Harry Potter themed Valentine's Projects and Products from Pieces by Polly.  Click on the picture to go to the printable.

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  1. "Ewww, yuck. No kisses on my valentines!" Atta boy Seth - you did a great job with these.

  2. Very cute! I like that Ron and Hermione ended up together. Thanks for linking up!!
    ~ Betsy @ Romance on a dime


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